Our Leadership Team

The SOS ThreeSixty team is composed of individuals who have
devoted their lives and careers to protecting children.

We are a team of safety experts providing comprehensive abuse prevention training and safety solutions – to support organizations that focus on children’s growth and education.
We understand the unique privilege and enormous responsibility that comes with working with children and being an integral part of their present and future success.



Avery Mann (co-founder) has dedicated his career to the safety of children at SOS ThreeSixty, Inc.  Avery specializes in working with school leaders to implement necessary strategies to create the safest environment possible for children in their care. 

A child grows and thrives best in a secure environment. Since safety begins from the inside, we offer Boundary Training for all staff – and sensible Interviewing Training – so that schools and camps establish and maintain the most ethical and safest space for children.

– Avery Mann



Nicole Mann is personally committed to creating the safest environments possible for students to learn and thrive. At SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. she coaches school leaders on hiring the safest staff and develops training programs to ensure effective boundaries between adults and children are established and maintained.

Children thrive in a caring, trusting environment that prioritizes their safety and appreciates, respects and cares for them. Knowing how much is at stake, it is critical for an organization that works with children to increase safety and minimize risks and vulnerability.

– Nicole Mann


Client Relations Executive

Genevieve Evelyn

At SOS ThreeSixty Inc., Genevieve oversees client relationships, working
with many different independent, boarding, and charter schools. She
conducts extensive analyses of each school’s culture and policies and
provides a comprehensive report so that the founders are best placed to
provide superior recommendations to the school’s leadership.

Every day I am thankful for the privilege of supporting the safe care and education of students. An environment that prioritizes safety and respect for students and teachers is the best way to achieve school safety goals.

– Genevieve Evelyn



Michael Hanas has more than 30 years of independent school leadership experience at a range of widely recognized boarding and day institutions across the U.S.
Tam Matthews abuse prevention at sos 360


Tam Matthews has served as the head of three schools and has been in leadership roles in numerous other independent schools.

Diana Chang child protection abuse prevention training


Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Diana Chang has been involved in the education space for more than a decade. She first represented Queen’s University as their international admissions coordinator.
Linda Krieg child abuse prevention for schools


Linda Krieg spent 20 years as an agent with the FBI and held a variety of positions. Early in her career, she worked on the Violent Crime squad in Chicago, investigating bank robberies, kidnappings, extortion, and Internet crimes against children.

Robert Shilling abuse prevention program


Detective Robert Shilling – a 37 year veteran of the Seattle Police Dept. – was recruited to be the Head of Crimes Against Children at INTERPOL Headquarters in Lyon, France, starting in 2013.