Boundary Training Workshop
Available live in-person or over Zoom
A live Boundary Training Workshop will reinforce and contextualize key learnings.
After completion of the online asynchronous course, SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. is also able to provide a live Boundary Training Workshop. This workshop is for all teaching and non-teaching staff and is tailored specifically to address the school’s unique culture and policies.
Objectives and Content
Key Content
  • How to empower students and create close connections in a healthy way while maintaining strong boundaries.
  • Common misunderstandings and unintentional mistakes that could create significant risks.
  • Strategies for addressing student and family boundary scenarios.
  • Mitigating school-specific risks both on and off-campus.
  • Highlights from the school’s policies addressing boundaries.
  • How diversity and inclusion efforts help to address vulnerabilities.
  • “Near misses:” how they could have been prevented and what’s been learned.
  • Best practices in supporting students who may be struggling while maintaining appropriate boundaries.
  • How reporting should work to help protect staff, students and the school.
  • Co-curricular activities, athletics, service learning and other off-campus experiences and how to keep students as safe as possible.

Quick Facts

  • This workshop is up to three hours in length (depending on the school’s requirements), including breaks.
  • Includes time for multiple case studies/breakout sessions that are worked on in groups.
  • Offers robust and comprehensive discussions – and question & answer opportunity.
  • Available as an online group meeting or in-person at your school.
  • All content tailored to your school’s individual needs.

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